• Black people: *Discussing racism involved in white people appropriating aave in the use of the word "basic" and using it out of context*
  • White people: Stop being mean. It's okay to like simple things.
  • Black people: That's not what it means. Mind your business. Stop being racist.
  • White people: Excuse me, it's not about race. If we just ignore race all together it's great that mediocrity is being celebrated.
  • Black people: That's not what it means. Mind your business. Stop being racist.

Anonymous asked:

Do you think African people have the right to say the n-word. In Europe they say 'neger' as derogatory word and use it against black people as in (dirty n-word), (I know a joke, a n-word who got a job) I def won't use the n-word if it's not appropriate for me to use it. And I also find it weird, that 'neger' isn't considered as a slur in Europe either, they say it on tv, white people say it hear and still considered it a way to describe black people Well, here we don't talk about it..

beautiesofafrique answered:

Personally, I don’t use the n-word. It’s not in my vernacular. I can’t speak for Africans who live in America because I don’t have that experience. I live in England. from my experience Africans here rarely use the n-word when talking to or about another person. They usually use that term when singing a long to American music. Do they have the right to use it? I don’t know

I’ve never heard of the term ‘neger’ in my life. But I looked it up and in dutch that word just means black person. It could be used as a derogatory term in other European countries but I don’t know. 

Where do you live?

- Wali



They probably live in the Netherlands or Belgium. Neger is more like nigger or nikker tho. It is wrong. People do take offense to it.

Same in Germany and Austria. It’s not like people aren’t racist here (they are), but you’re generally taught not to use it.